About Blue Sky Digital Printing an Outdoor Advertising & Printing Company

Trent Lindmark, owner of Blue Sky Outdoor, started in the sign business in 1993 with his grandfather in Amarillo, Texas. Trent did everything from constructing the billboards to painting the advertisements, back when billboards were primarily wooden structures with painted faces. Since that time, Trent has been actively building and acquiring billboard companies.

After leaving business with his grandfather with virtually no money in hand, Trent built Lindmark Outdoor Advertising, LLC from nothing to over 1,800 faces. Trent grew the company so rapidly by captaining a very aggressive build and acquisition campaign. During his time as owner of Lindmark Outdoor, Trent also streamlined the business and maintained extremely high quality control by bringing all billboard fabrication and vinyl printing in-house. In so doing, he founded Lindmark Digital Printing. At the time of the sale of the business, Lindmark Digital Printing was printing all advertising vinyl for Lindmark Outdoor's 1,800 faces and for over 100 other customers.

Since Lindmark was sold, Trent purchased Blue Sky Outdoor in 2011 and has added over 400 faces to its inventory. Trent is active in growing Blue Sky Outdoor through locating additional leaseholds and easements for construction of new billboards, as well as by acquiring existing billboard assets. Blue Sky Outdoor is the largest and fastest growing, independent billboard company in Oklahoma.

In an effort to provide his advertising customers with the best quality product, in 2014, Trent determined to have Blue Sky Outdoor meet its own digital printing needs. Having done it before, Trent was well versed in building a digital printing company from the ground up; he did so again. Trent has grown Blue Sky digital printing business to such an extent that it is now printing advertising vinyl for customers other than itself. Indeed, Blue Sky Digital Printing now has the capacity to print over 1.5 Million square feet of advertising vinyl per month and is bringing new customers onboard virtually every single day.

In 2016 Trent changed the name back to Lindmark Outdoor Media. The same year acquired all the assets of Newman Outdoor Advertise in New Mexico. Making Lindmark have over 1500 faces in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

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